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Well of course, as the one who would be "benefiting" from opening the marriage, if you don't think it would help, of course it wouldn't.

Originally Posted by OhSnap View Post
What I think would help, is alternatives to sex, but my wife disagrees. .
So what are these alternatives you think WOULD help, and why is your wife disagreeing they would when you obviously think they would help you? Does she just not want to do them, participate in them, insist they wouldn't help? You are the one who knows what would help you, so for her to tell you that you are wrong could strike a far deeper issue that she may be trying to avoid.

edit: if you think there would be benefits but just don't want to admit it because you're worried that your wife is OK with the "idea" but not the application, it can't hurt to spend some serious time considering it if that would make the difference if you were going to live happily ever after or not, but if you are content and happy, there is certainly no rush or even sense to push for something that you seem uncomfortable with.
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