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Default hi from south texas

Well, Im not very good at introductions, and I tend to either be too sort or too long winded, so hopefully I'll hit it in the middle and be perfect today!

I have been married to my hubby for 11 years and until recently have labelled ourselves as swingers. We realized that most swingers are only looking for one night stands and we want another couple or a female to be constant companions with. So, after much web searching and browsing, we have now determined that being poly is a better fit for us.

We have tried several relationships, had a few failed experiments, and now know pretty much what we are wanting. I am shy, wordy and kinda boring while he is very extroverted, the life of the party and makes friends with everyone. I am more open over the computer and slowly open up in real life, where he is just the opposite.

We are not looking to move, I am established in a job where we are (South Texas), but we would be open to helping another couple or female (if money permits) re-establish themselves in this part of the country.

We love watching movies, both at the theatre and sitting on the couch. We also love college football and most saturdays in the fall you will see one (or both) of us tuned in to some football game cheering or booing some team along! I am more artsy than him and enjoy the symphony, reading, attending plays and visiting museums. We both enjoy playing board games and going to the local state parks and nature centers.

We recently ended a very short mutual relationship and are currently not seeing anyone else. I am a bi female and he is a very straight male. We are interested in finding another bi female or couple similar to us (straight male, bi f).

Whew....that was a lot. Hopefully I didnt go on too long, I just never seem to know when I have reached that point of "too much" in an intro.
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