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Default Our one-year mark

It's almost that time to get my one-year chip... I've been successfully poly for almost 12 months now. It was a wild ride in the beginning: opening up our marriage and transitioning from mono to poly. I had a number of emotional ups and downs, and I was completely innocent and naive. (Ok... maybe not "innocent" on all things, but definitely naive on polyamory. )

The support and advise from this forum helped me though my toughest times, in the very beginning. Since then, I've grown to truly appreciate poly relationships of all types: not just romantic relationships but also friendships that can now be closer than previously possible, somewhere between friends and lovers. Thank you for all your help and support.

Oh, and to answer nycindie's question:

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
are you open to another man joining the tribe (if your wife wanted to be with one)? I am always curious about group living.
Absolutely, I'd be open to any type of relationships that form within our group, so long as they're done openly and consistent with our poly agreement. And of course, I'm also open to how our poly agreement itself will undoubtedly evolve as our family, personal needs, and desires evolve. Personally, I love the idea of group living... that's my favorite form of poly.
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