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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
the start of any realtionship is a special time, when you are falling in love you and getting to know each other,
On "read two" through your post this one caught my eye.

I disagree. That may be part of where things go array in comparing my thoughts with yours.
Because to me there is no "falling in love" at the beginning of a relationship.
There is getting to know each other. Period.

And I don't define a relationship as having started when two people start sleeping together either. I wouldn't want to be having sex with someone I was "getting to know".

So for example, with the couple Maca nad I have been talking to-I'm driving down to her town Sunday to meet her in person. She's attractive, we "clicked" online. But we do NOT know one another and we will NOT be involved in ANYTHING sexual. NOTHING. We will be taking our kids to the park and hanging out with my sister and getting to know each other. Because we are in a new relationship becoming friends-and there is no becoming more unless a TRUE friendship forms FIRST.

I recognize that other people aren't the same as I am. But that's me. If I don't have a friendship, there isn't going to be any falling in love or having sex. I just require a much closer bond before I can fall in love.
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