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MisogynisticFeminazi , I love polls and leapt into this thread to participate but agree that further clarity is required. I believe in "endless love", or what I'm guessing you mean by that, but here's the thing from my experience- I didn't even realize I wanted to love everybody at the same time on a "spiritual" level until I started analyzing my emotions and relationship history in a pretty clinical, "scientific" fashion.

If I had to take a stab at what you think you mean with this poll I'd guess you mean the two sides could be explained as:
  • "I never thought about it really, I just want to love and fuck everybody!"
  • "After reading Sex at Dawn it seems logical that monogamy is both unnatural in the context of human genetic imperatives and has a net detrimental effect on society, therefore the logical conclusion is that I should be nonmonogamous to better myself and humanity."

Am I close?
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