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Ok-so even though we have a well established relationship-we are new to being officially boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess if he was planning to get a girlfriend I would want to discuss some details because we are really at a stage where we treasure every moment we GET to have and his time is VERY limited... so if he got a girlfriend it would really cut into our time..
But I don't think I would honestly say no....

this has really made me think

the start of any realtionship is a special time, when you are falling in love you and getting to know each other,
and i feel perfectly ok with him having another partner in the future but for now i want to enjoy the new relationship and the getting to know each other part... polyamoury is hard work, yes its rewarding but its difficult and you most def have to be strong and know how to comunicate, that takes time you build trust and security with time it doesn't happen straight away.

My main issue is
there is another girl who i know he has feelings for, who he has had some kind of relationship with in the past. I can see her becoming intamite with him again and it just happening... right now im not sure i can deal with that

but i feel selfish for feeling like this

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