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In your photo, you appear to be a sailor. I've not seen all of your posts, or recently looked at your bio page, ... and I'm not sure what to say about the thread, just yet.... But the picture of you on a boat has me wanting to head off away from this landlocked, landlubber country! New Mexico -- where what is obviously a creek is called by the name of "river" and what is clearly a puddle is a "pond" and every little pond is a "lake"! Perhaps there is some sort of mountains to molehills metaphore in this which relates to your situation, but I'm just saying a salty Hello and sharing a genuine sadness about the high desert life that wants sharing.


Just looked at your "profile". Wildland firefighter, eh? I was one of them, long, long ago, for three or four years ... USFS, and a little private company for a while. Pure grunt. You must be much higher up the ranks than I ever was, or my pulaski. Oregon it was, based.
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