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Default Oregon Represent!

Not that I'm really expecting anything from this, but I felt like Us Oregonians need some attention too! :P

Straight guy here, just turned 27. No serious relationships at this point in time.

Super happy with life right now after getting over a very emotional time. Always looking for new connections, friends, cuddles and other fun times.
Message me here!

I travel all over the state in search of camping and good times.

Sometimes I travel across the country. Idaho, California, Chicago every now and again.
Do you know how I feel when I see you?
Appreciating beauty as I strive to take it in?
From enchanting hair. Lustful. Supple.
As it fall's across eyes. Exotic. Mysterious.
Lip's spread into smile. Enticing. Soft.
The curves of the body from breasts to hip. Provocative. Breathtaking.
Leg's journeying down towards earth. Tranquil. Genuine.

I wrote this to show my view of women.
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