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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Have you ever had any interactions or conversations with that Dom? Does he know you? Just wondering. She didn't move out, did she? Is she talking to you? I think therapy may be a good step for both of you to do together.

She was going to pack up tonight. Didn't. Things are better. And by better I mean I'm not getting screamed at.

I have talked to the Dom. He's not a BAD man. He just has no real interest in her. He's told me as much. He's told HER as much. That's why I felt safe with it before. A twist is he seems to have jettisoned her, at least for the time being. Admitting her feelings for him freaked me out. It has, apparently, also freaked him out.

Tonight has been very confusing. She told me she would break it off if I wished. I told her no, I didn't think that letting my emotional hangup dictate her actions would be wise. Then five minutes later I was told that if I had asked her to break it off, she might have left then and there.

Some kind of trap? Bipolar? I'm at sea here. Counseling might be a help. A few years ago we had some problems, and she wouldn't go. So I went myself. helped me get a handle on a few of my own issues at least. Although last time I went I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Maybe that's why I can't grok my wife. lol.

Maybe she'd go with me this time. Can't hurt to ask I guess.

night all. sleep isn't coming easy.

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