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nycindie, (female)

Your roar has been duly noted. I think you're fluid in the sense that you can discuss things logically, and feel them in a more spiritual sense (if you have to choose either of the two words to describe).

By the way, I love your signature: If you expect your relationships to bring you happiness, you will be disappointed. Bring your own happiness to your relationships and everyone will thrive.

If I had to paraphrase, I'd say "Love doesn't give happiness, but the happy give love."

SilentPain, (female)

I'm making no this-is-how-it-is remarks. But for my own records, I'm putting you more in the spiritual category. Thank you for your contribution.

MichelleZed, (female? just double-checking. Michelle sounds female to me)

Bold statement, but only a scientific approach would be able to prove or disprove that. I'm going to note that you're leaning towards the scientific. Again, purely for my own purposes. Don't mind me.
There's no such thing as a lovable asshole. Either you're an asshole because you're loved by everyone, or you're loved by everyone because you're an asshole.
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