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I think I have no power in this. Maybe I just need to recognize that.

My wife is a rage addict. She gets off on being angry sometimes. I think it empowers her.

I can't sustain anger for long. It's too hard.

If she can't see that I'm letting her have everything she needs I can't make her see that. If she can't see that I'm making a sacrifice to do it, I can't make her see that.

I guess helplessness is liberating.

@nycindie: her "lover" is a "master" she met online. I hate D/S stuff. Can't do it, don't like it. So I've been great that that need is met for her. They've had sex a few times. But he has no feelings for her. HE is not even attracted to her per se. He simply gets off on having lots of women he plays with (almost all entirely online except my wife). She is one (of many) toy(s) for him. He is also rather poorly off in real life. I think she may feel a kind of Florence Nightingale effect for him.

Don't know if that context is of any use.

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