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Thank you for your thoughtful replies.

Background info: I'm 38. She is too. Two kids.

I wish I could say things have gotten better. But my wife has left me. Or is about to.

I told her that I no longer expected her to abide by our agreement. I told her I'd try and take time to work on my jealousy. I said I just need time to process this, but in the meantime I expect it would still hurt me.

That isn't enough, apparently. Because the fact that it hurts me, she says, would make her feel guilty. To stay with me, I have to NOT BE HURT by what she's doing.

What the hell?

I don't know what else I can give. I have promised not to veto anything. I have promised not to forbid anything. I have promised to work on my feelings, think them through.

She can't switch off her feelings. Neither can I. It will take time. Why can't I have it?

What more can I give? Will someone please tell me?

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