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Wow, great posts Mags, Michellezed. *like* NYCindie, your passion is sounding like mine! I got your point, even if he didn't say that he had passed around his wife.

I didn't have much more to add other than that there are a lot of threads tagged here under "swinging" if you would like to read about others that have come here and expressed similar concern.

I especially liked Mzed's post because it made me think of the reverse of what she was saying. She talked about how things would likely not change much and how its really perception that makes our mind go down the path it does around emotional connection... to me it could be its the same with having sex with others out side of a relationship... I have sex because I am attached to someone some how in a bond or connected with love. It used to be because I had sex with them that I got attached/connected/bonded, but now I find the connection first and then carry on to sex after (not that it ever comes up in my life any more, interestingly connection is not as prevalent when I took sex out of the equation as the first response to someone I find attractive). I could easily say to my partners that I am going to have sex and that nothing would change, that it is all perception etc.... provided I practice safe sex, what's the difference.

Sorry, I hope this isn't a hijack too much. I am thankful for the new perspective.
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