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So as LR stated I had "The Talk" with my Father. He was supportive and energetic and loving. His bottow line was " Son if it makes you happy then its all good"

I was very worried. He is my best friend and my Father. I went through some really roughtimes just the two of us after my parents divorced.I leand on him and he leand on me.

I feel such a weight lifted off my shoulders.Near the end of our talk he confided in me that not only was he ok with the fact that I was living a poly style life but in fact he was living a swinger life style Can you imagine I was stunned and then I was relieved and we both were happy to be TALKING to each other.

He told me I come by my kinkyness naturally. HAAHHA What a super cool Father I have.

BTW thanks Lover for starting this post. I was looking for someplace to share my feelings and once again you came through for me!

And to respond to Mono's comment about SEX I have only one thing to say......HELL YESSSS I come by it naturally
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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