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Default Hi guys

Hello Everyone,

My wife and I have been together 12yrs married 10.
After many struggles and talk of divorce, and the idea of an open relationship, we started to get close with a friend of ours and during online research discovered the term “Polyamorous” and the difference between polygamy and poly-amorous relationships. The idea of this was absolutely perfect for our situation.

For simplicity's sake:
Me: Dera (30)
Wife: Lily (31)
Girlfriend: Yuna (23)
Child (me and Lily): Monster (4)

I will post detailed information about our status where I can on the site, but for right now, we've been together semi-officially for about 3 weeks to a month. The only sexual activity between any of us is directly between Lily and I at this time, though the desire is there to go further when possible. (details necessary, will post in more appropriate post), at this time we are planning on keeping the relationship closed between the three of us with the plan of longterm-ness.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on the boards, once everyone is here and registered, I hope to drop the nicknames if for no other reason than a formal introduction.
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