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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
that we are horny at different times throughout the same day and how we each deal with stress
ROFL! My husband is usually horny about an hour before I get off of work, but by the time I get home, take the kid to football practice, finish the homework and get the kids in bed, he's asleep and I'm all alone and horny.

We have gone through the resentments due to someone not taking on responsibilities and the flip side "he/she doesn't like the way I do it and just criticizes my efforts, so why should I bother". Of course this just sets into motion a viscous cycle that's hard to break. I have noticed in my own marriage, that either/both of these mindsets DOES have a significant impact on how attractive we find our partner.

What helped us more recently (after 20 years), was we stopped looking at everything as his job or her job. This is OUR home, OUR lives, OUR kids and everything is OUR responsibility. We certainly have ways to divide and conquer everything that needs to be taken care of, but everyone in our house needed an attitude shift, we had to get back in partnership mode. Cleaning up the kitchen is no longer a "favor" to help mom, it's just a necessary item that needs to be done.
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