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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
You don't need to force things with H just because its clear your spouses are falling in love.

Your husband just needs to be a bit more honest with you about how things are going with his new girlfriend, and needs to keep paying enough attention to you so that you still feel important. He can manage that even when in the throws of new love.
I don't feel like I'm forcing things with H, but I have told him what I do want out of a relationship with him. It's not that H doesn't want to give me more, it's the fact that he feels like he's just a roommate and someone to help with the kids to N and not a husband. She is not very affectionate with him or anything else. But of course she is with M. So his mind is always wandering, wondering if she would rather be spending time with M instead of him. Mainly because she does spend so much time focused on M. So H can't get that out of his head to relax enough to actually be himself with me. Now, when he has been able to totally relax, our time together is awesome and I love it. I just wish I had more of him when he is like that.
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