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Originally Posted by leannahope View Post
I sometimes feel guilty about breaking the rules of our original agreement by developing feelings for my boyfriend, but I never hid my feelings from my husband, and I kept him filled in on our relationship. I think that is why he insists that he isn't angry/resentful of the situation...because I was so honest with him from the start.

I've been struggling with this issue. Since I broke our agreement, (even though I didn't plan on it or mean to) am I a cheater?
What?! No, of course not. We can't be expected to turn our feelings on and off like a light switch. It just doesn't happen that way. You fell in love. You were honest, never kept anything hidden from the hubs, and realized that the "rules" were too restrictive and had to be renegotiated. That isn't cheating. Cheating is running around in secret, hiding what's going on, breaking rules on purpose.

No, hun, don't be so hard on yourself. You're human and you were honest and upfront about your feelings!
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