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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Thanks, AT -- so glad you posted this! Now, I wonder, is there a good definition somewhere of an "open" relationship, and how it differs from polyamory? I got into a conversation with someone about that recently and they disagreed that there was a difference.

Open relationships and poly are quite different, in my experience. My husband and I tried having an open relationship (casual sex only) before i met my bf. Well, I fell in love with my boyfriend and wanted him to be a part of my life, so I now consider myself as the hinge of a poly v.

I sometimes feel guilty about breaking the rules of our original agreement by developing feelings for my boyfriend, but I never hid my feelings from my husband, and I kept him filled in on our relationship. I think that is why he insists that he isn't angry/resentful of the situation...because I was so honest with him from the start.

I've been struggling with this issue. Since I broke our agreement, (even though I didn't plan on it or mean to) am I a cheater?
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