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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
As to when the time is to tell someone's what's up- I guess there's no right answer to that. I prefer knowing someone as a friend first, and if feeling are developing beyond that friendship, then it's time to make clear where you're coming from if it is clear that the relationship is headed in a romantic direction. Of course, in some cases the person will already know you and may know that you are poly from the get-go.
For me-I wouldn't pop off with that to a "prospective" in a bar. (disclaimer:not sure I would HAVE a prospective in a bar either).

On OKC I made it quite clear in the first paragraph of my profile that I am married, poly and if they want to message me, go see his profile too because they would have to be friends with both of us...

But in person-I don't run around "on the make". I AM married and happily so. I CAN dance with others if I so choose (even when we weren't officially poly) but if they are "on the make" they are DEFINATELY not for me as I'm all about RELATIONSHIP which means FRIENDS FIRST.

So the topic is arbitrary until a friendship has been established. At that point they would know-since Maca, C and I live together and we're open among our close friends.
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