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Well right now Dragonfly is out, driving around, or sitting somewhere, I don't know, alone with just herself and her thoughts so she can figure out what she wants, needs, etc.... I'm here loosing my mind waiting to find out that I'm gonna loose everything! And now even if she does choose to be with me, I can no longer accept DragonBorn in our relationship. I can not trust him. He gave me his word that if problems arrose with me and DF that he would at least back off temporarily. Instead he's waiting to hear DF's decision and find out if he's the lucky one. I thought he was my friend. I trusted him. And now because of him I run the risk of loosing the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I loose my world, everything. I have nothing without DF. Nothing! She says she'll buy me a plane ticket. To where? She says FL to my mothers. Great, my mother lives with her fiancee. So that will be lovely. "Here let my son live here on our sofa and lets support him cause he moving here without a job, a vehicle, or any money." Oh ok, that's not really an option. I could be sent to my fathers, where again I'd be moving without a job, a vehicle, or any money, and then worst I get to be continueously brow beaten on how I'm a fuck up and a piece of shit and how luck I am that him and his family have taken me in. Talk about getting help....

Thank you all for listening. I'm sorry that you have to hear about my tragdity. I just don't want to loose my wife! I want this knife out of my back from someone I thought was a friend. I want this pain to go away!!!
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