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In answer to your general question...

Seriously-the only way to find the answer to whether YOUR V can become a Triad is to ask.

There is no "rule" that says ALL poly relationships must be type N or N+1 or N+2 etc.

You make the rules. But that means you have to be open, honest and caring with YOURSELF and with each other(s) so you can FIGURE OUT what the rules are.

I spent all weekend working on "rules" with Maca (another poster, also my husband).

Currently we have a V. We are married and I have a BF. Both my BF and my husband are straight, so no triad coming from that.

Maca has been entertaining thoughts and building a relationship with a woman who is married. She's bi-curious, her husband is bi (yes they are all well aware and it's on the up and up).

But it's a new dynamic for us-so we had to discuss what was ok and what was not ok.

Just TALK!!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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