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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Now I understand, because you are making it clear with further posts, that the "similar incidents" are similar because they have to do with text messages. You could have meant similar in the sense that they make you uncomfortable, but wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with texting. These similarities could have come up in face-to-face conversations. Or it could be similar in the sense that Alan didn't keep his word, and again nothing to do with texting. There are so many elements about this "incident" that could be similar to other things, so don't rake me over the coals for not understanding you!
No, that is *not* what is similar, it is nothing to do with the medium of the message, it is *not* all via text, the similarity, is the thing that feels weird to me - him communicating to her (via whatever medium) and expecting that to relayed to me. i.e. the thing that my post was about.

I'm not trying to rake you over the coals, just trying to bring things back on topic when you seem determined to make this about other things (e.g. technology, accidental texts, my assertiveness etc.).

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am actually trying to help, but I will back off now because I don't think I'm contributing in a way that you can absorb without getting a tad defensive. Sorry to fuck up your thread.
I accept that I have been overly defensive in my replies to you, and I apologize for this. I appreciate the spirit in which your comments where intended, even where I do not agree with the contents. Clearly the approach I took with this thread was not effective, and that is my problem, not yours. Sorry.
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