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Originally Posted by suziesue View Post
YMMV, I guess, to me saying 'Did I have that right?', when I am not in any doubt about what was agreed seems more like a passive aggressive ploy rather than straight talking.
Fair enough. I see your point. However, you might have no doubt about what was said and still be recalling it incorrectly.

Originally Posted by suziesue View Post
It doesn't seem at all relevant to me whether the messages are texts or emails or whatever. How would it be any more likely to be a series of coincidental accidents if it wasn't mostly via texting??
Oh well, I'm an old fart who has never Skyped and actually remembers how to use a telephone, mail a letter, LOL. I don't really like to text all the time, so I don't assume that all communications in a relationship are via texting.

You said in your original post: "Recently I've been feeling like sometimes the dynamics of the communications between us feel a little weird, there's been a few similar incidents, all of which are quite small, but build up to make me feel a little uncomfortable."

Now I understand, because you are making it clear with further posts, that the "similar incidents" are similar because they have to do with text messages. You could have meant similar in the sense that they make you uncomfortable, but wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with texting. These similarities could have come up in face-to-face conversations. Or it could be similar in the sense that Alan didn't keep his word, and again nothing to do with texting. There are so many elements about this "incident" that could be similar to other things, so don't rake me over the coals for not understanding you! I am actually trying to help, but I will back off now because I don't think I'm contributing in a way that you can absorb without getting a tad defensive. Sorry to fuck up your thread.
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