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Hmmm let's see...

I have felt anxiously ambivalent about my relationship with Alex for almost a year and this feeling is intensifying...and this is what I want.
I am terrified to leave her yet feel depressed and suffocated when I think about staying...and this is what I want.
I feel controlled by Alex when she does not grant my requests for freedom and independence...and this is what I want.
I have a lot of work to do in terms of knowing and accepting my feelings and communicating them to others in a direct yet compassionate way...and this is what I want.
I am completely distracted by all of this at work and feel relatively incapable of being productive right now...and this is what I want.

Interesting exercise. It definitely helps me tap into a sense that I DO have some agency in all of this, in terms of choosing to accept what is, or think about what my role is in changing it.
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