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Well, today is my 30th birthday and my truck finally passed the e-check. They stopped testing for what I usually fail on though, lol. We get together with T and K on Friday. We are just going to hang out and play a board game and get to know each other better. My period is late so I bought a test today and I will take it in the morning.

I am positive that is all that it will take for it to come. Unless Mike's estim has caused his vasectomy to fail, there should be no more babies. I did the math and we would have conceived around his birthday if I am pregnant, though. We shall see in the morning.
I tend to be paranoid in his area.

The kids are both sick and I was over the weekend but I feel much better now. N and I are going out with our friend tonight for dinner. M is jealous because he likes restaurant that we are going to but we can't take the kids there sick.

I will check back in tomorrow...
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