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why do you think that was a sexist statement ?

It sounded like there was an issue in which he wasn't stepping up to his responsibilities as husband and partner in terms of finances...his priorities may have been out of line with yours. His priorities as a partner.

The honeymoon sex question... I was thinking in general terms .. great, good, ok but more information is all way good....or can't hurt, right. The reason for the question was after 9 month and counting would it be a fond or sustaining memory for him.

So he doesn't have a problem with the lack of sex? And his words and jokes indicate that he's fine with that going on around him. And even tho you have a problem with him telling lies you believe him.

It sounded like very little progress had been made if after 6 months and you feel like your marriage is crumbling around you and you haven't had sex with your husband in 9 months. So what you're saying is you were having a bad day and things weren't as bleak as they may have seemed yesterday.
Is the therapist poly friendly or poly approved. Someone should come up with a seal to stamp on things for just such occasions.
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