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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
I think what people mean when they say that is a) you won't die, and b) you're not a bad person because you have the virus.

I forgot to add that other good ways of strengthening your immune system include proper diet, exercise, and rest.
No - what they mean is that if you have genital herpes, your ass is diseased and you're unworthy of sexual contact.

Having a cold sore is 'no big deal' - in that it doesn't have the same social stigma of being a "diseased whore" - you're just unfortunate that your mother or grandmother or aunt or uncle who had cold sores kissed you as a child.

The reality is that genital herpes is a 'gentler' virus, and that oral herpes is more likely to move around on various parts of your body, potentially causing blindness and other issues if it gets into the brain.

Both viruses like to stay in their "home territory" but will happily take up residence in other locations (IE: oral on the genitals and vice versa)

The viruses share about 50% dna - so they are fairly similar.

What pisses me off the most is the social stigma.

Oh. And the excruciating pain when you pee because you're stressed and having a fucking flare.
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