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Originally Posted by Overthinker View Post
Thanks Minxxa. Boy I have read almost everything there is I had actually thought that a lot of the NRE had been over with them or at least diminished.
It can last for differing amounts of time (from what I hear), but generally I think in 12-18 months it generally starts to fade.

I know you say you've read everything, but has he? One issue I've had with my hubs is that I am the one that has researched, read and gotten other people's perspectives on poly and issues with poly, here and there over the past 15 years. He's hardly read anything. So everything comes "through me", and is sometimes seen and brushed aside as my own personal opinion and viewpoint, and not as information I've garnered from a lot of people's own experiences and advice.

I would suggest that HE be the one to read about NRE, maybe some info on how experienced poly people handle it respectfully so that he can see it's not just YOU freaking out about something, but it's a common poly issue that he seems to be unaware of or is ignoring in the heat of all of the chemicals flowing through his system.

The nice thing about seeing other people's experiences is that you don't need to reinvent the wheel yourself.
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