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Default Happy day!!

So much emotional and tough stuff on the board right now.

I wanted to share-Maca talked with his dad today about our situation. I won't go into details about their conversation (that's for him to do).
But I wanted to say-it went very well and I'm SO proud of Maca for doing this!

He and his dad are VERY VERY close. They had many years alone together and their bond is more then JUST father/son. So this was a HUGE and VERY important step for Maca.

At any rate-it went well and dad was reassuring.

I wasn't worried-but Maca was and it's so nice that he can relax on that front now. I know he needed to be able to be honest and open with his dad or this would NEVER work. His dad is too much of an important part of his life.

This for me is REALLY good news!

FYI-if you missed it in previous posts, my parents were never a concern. They know ALL about my life and my history so there was never a concern that our "new" lifestyle choices would be a problem for them. In fact considering the history and their full awareness of my having cheated on Maca with C and ALL the b.s. I figure knowing we're being fully honest, open and loving with one another is just a relief to them and they couldn't care less about the sex part!
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