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During my childhood and teen years I rarely went to church unless invited by a friend. Not because I didn't want to be part of a religion, but because my parents raised my sister and I to be open-minded. They didn't want to shove any certain religion down our throats. They wanted us to choose what was best for us.

Now that I'm an adult, I do identify myself as a Christian. It took a lot of time, conversations, and a healthy dose of church and Bible to help me make that choice. I would definitely not call myself a conservative Christian by any means. My fiance and I rarely make it to church because our lives are so hectic, and there are things that "Christians" teach that we feel isn't very "Christian" at all. One of my biggest issues before I ever became a Christian was the idea that God couldn't love gay people. Some of the kindest, most loving people I know are gay, and that includes my fiance who was exclusively gay before he fell in love with me. I feel that sometimes, Christians get a little too carried away with judging other people, when really, that job belongs to God.

We haven't told many people that we are poly because we live in a small town and it's just not something that is common here. But when I think about being a Christian or being the best Christian I can be, I focus on the love that God has for me and everyone else. God is supposed to love everyone unconditionally right? Well, that's what I believe. I focus on the love, not the hate.
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