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YES! I love that shirt! LOL! I would not be caught dead wearing it anywhere in my little community of 300 residents. But, hey, if I'm ever strutting around a city, I'd wear it.

Rarechild, YGirl: I definitely hear what you're saying. It brings up the question, which I'm sure has been discussed of when does one disclose that they're poly?

The reason I disclosed that I'm poly in this specific situation is because I had just spent the night dancing with 'R' at the Hallowe'en dance and this guy came up to both of us and then to just me later on. I wanted it to be clear, first off, that 'R' and I are involved. I admit, I had no idea how to manage the rest of it.

I can definitely see how, in a bar, telling someone right off the bat seems like an invitation. The dynamics change significantly when you're on an island with so few people. Literally, holding hands with someone in front of people on Saturday means that by Tuesday, half the island thinks you're a couple.

I guess there's a bit of coming out shyness woven into my frustration in my original post. I'm someone who I consider to have a lot of integrity. I am a die-hard environmentalist, cyclist, activist. I've taken care of people's kids, I teach kids. So, I'm afraid of the black or white reaction many people have towards poly, (she's either an standup member of our community or a sex-craved slut).
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