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MZ, yes I get what you're saying ...but I had client once and she was pregnant and we were going over the calendar and schedule of what needed to be done on the project and it centered around a date she had in her day timer, back in the days of pen an paper. It said " hospital" ...she said she would going in that day ....stupid me thought ...for what?? tests , something unrelated, so I ask ...she says no I'm having the baby that day. I said isn't that a natural process can't be scheduled ...she says yes it is but it 's going to occur on that day. I don't know if they were going to induce or take by C section that day but the kid was born that day. And we were having this conversation 5-6 weeks in front of that date so nothing would surprise me anymore. And I've heard some of mid-wives tales on XYZ so that gives you some insight to my very limited experience and comment.

Also I wasn't thinking in term of actual "paternity" because you said that was impossible I was thinking in terms of just freak out potential.
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