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I have always stuffed anger and now I am expressing it more with Sundance. It is so hard living together but "separated." I am not doing it very gracefully right now.

We are seeing a counselor a week from today. Hopefully that will help -- at least I won't be doing it alone! None of you has been able to see Sundance in action -- ha. It's no wonder he's too scared to come here. I can't imagine what that counselor is going to make of all this! Maybe Sundance thinks he'll be able to use his charm -- good luck, because this time we're seeing a male therapist. Hard to charm with just words on a screen, he is well aware of that. He relies on his looks for practically everything -- even though I've said before, he's really good with words. But this is too much like.... WORK, right??? And it's ongoing. The counseling session lasts, what, an hour???? He probably figures he can shmooze his way through that. With a male therapist all he has to do is cry a little, talk about his father issues, show he is soft inside, etc.

Actually, I'm so mad, the therapist MIGHT see my as a psycho!

But what I'm most mad about is the lies, and if I can point out a few of them to the third party, and he catches him in a few, he will see what I'm dealing with.

Okay, enough writing scripts. I'm just struggling.
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