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I was at a conference a few months ago that had sessions on various alternative sexualities - kink, poly, etc. I was at an incredibly fascinating session dealing with the findings of first study ever done on kinky women in any numbers. Anyway, the researcher tracked relationship styles of her respondents, allowing them to define themselves. As a result, she had a significant number of people who fall into the broad category of ethical non-monogamy. In the discussion following her presentation, one of the audience members stated that poly was not about ethics or honesty or could exclude all involved knowing the situation. (I'm paraphrasing - it was a while ago.) I was completely astonished by this statement. I still am. For me, and I've discussed this in other threads, the defining thing about polyamory is not the multiple love part - although that's important - but it's ethics of honesty and respect for all involved. Without those elements, it's cheating, as RP writes.
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