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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
Oh, you're right. I try so hard to make the whole thing seem casual and no big deal.
Why would you want to make it casual and no big deal if it is a big deal? If you want this guy to be part of your life in a certain way, why would you not ask for that? If he doesn't want that surely he will let you know?

The way you make it sound is that you aren't even inviting that possibility. What do you have to lose? You could end up right where you are, but you could also create something so much more if he is up for it! Who knows, maybe he is waiting for the go ahead! It sounds to me like the ball is in your court on how much you create a future with him. You are the one having the baby; you and the daddy. He might be waiting respectfully to find out how close he is invited to be while you kinda sluff him off as not being interested.
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