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Unfortunately nothing these days...other than maybe something akin to HARPOON 3...on a 1:1 scale. And people complain about the SFB ruleset being complicated! Used to play several tabletop wargames...BattleTech, Car Wars, SFB, etc. RPG's moved away from D&D early when a buddy introduced me to Traveller, and GURPS. Played some with Palladium, MERPS, Rolemaster, etc. Never loved Palladium systems much...but you had to love Robotech.

Lately ... mostly all I've had time for has been restricted to playtesting for the GURPS:Spaceships series right now....

Various card games like Munchkin, Dork Tower, Chez Geek & ZOMBIES!!! provide a nice diversion once in a while. I want to find my copy of 'Burn in Hell', and I need to get my hands on HUMANS!!!

PS: I realise this post is now full of URLs that involve lots of RPG's and zero polyamory...but it's frequently observed that poly's seem to love things that relate to RPG's. I'll strip them out if needed...but I'm hoping I won't need to.
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