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Originally Posted by polandrylady View Post
I thought I read about some meetups in Toronto. I was pretty close for them. There are a couple you can find on meetup dot com too. I hope it helps!
Right you are. The Toronto Polyamory group on is definitely not the first; there's been one running for 20 years. However, the meetup one has become rather large in a very short period of time; probably because it's only Seriously, put in polyamory meetups in Toronto from is one of the first links to come up. I've been to its meetings since the second meetup and it's only gotten better; the main meetup is usually full now days after its announced (only 20 people can go), but many side meetups are being made and there's still lots of room in those. Here's the link to the group:

Polyamory meetups have actually been brought up in this very forum in the past:

I'm not such a fan of that particular group (which happens the first Monday of every month) as it seems that the subject usually isn't about people's lives but about trivia, but some people clearly like it.

There is one other regular poly meetup that's open to anyone who's interested in polyamory that I'm aware of; the Ethical Lovers Group, or ELG for short. They meet up on the second Wednesday of every Month at the UFT's woman campus near Spadina and College, starting at 7:30pm. I really liked going to it, but since I now live about 2 hours drive from Toronto and it ends at 10pm, I've decided not to go for now. However, if interested, mail me and I'll give the email address of the organizer and he'll send you a reminder a day or 2 before it's going to happen.

Information about both this meetup as well as the first Monday of the month night one are also available in the forum.
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