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Another lovey-dovey week and especially weekend. You got a softly sighing, silly smiling and shamelessly grinning 'Phy' over here. As you might expect now: the week has been great.

We were finally able to start with the last steps for finishing Lin's room. He and Sward are gone to get the new floor for him at the moment. My mother and Lin fixed the old base boards and the door today after the carpenter had inserted the window two days ago. They worked really great with each other over the week and Lin was able to see why I am the way I am My mother has a strong personality, wants things to go as it pleases her and is always up for the last word in a conversation.

After the first two days he mentioned that we resemble each other character wise and that he finds it quite interesting how different each of us siblings reacted to her. She was a bit over-caring at times and we developed some strategies to counter that I confronted her and developed even stronger conversational skills to outwit her and have it my way, my younger sister started to please her but manipulate her through the back door, always looking to sweet-talk her into what she wants and my brother just plain ignores all of her demands and does his own thing. None of us was unhappy with this, it's just how conversation works at home ^.^ It was really interesting for me to hear an outside voice in this matter. Lin is a great observer and he was able to pit into words what Sward had noticed over the years, but never told me about.

My courses in university are good and not too demanding this semester, the first presentation on Thursday about the High/Lowland divide in Scotland went well. I even got a really interesting one on Dr. Faustus and Frankenstein *cheer* I need to catch up on some assignments that are still due till the end of semester and I am keen on kicking my ass to go and sit over some material in the library next week.

The greatest day was yesterday. After quite a long day and lots of stress on Swards side because of the company and the situation with his coworkers (the only thing driving me nuts at the moment, he just isn't able to get through to some of them, they behave so uncooperatively and selfish at the moment, its a real shame) we sat together and watch the newest episodes of our current favorite series (The Big Bang Theory). I felt the sudden urge for grapes, molten-cheese, baguette, dark chocolate and whine. I don't know why, sometimes I get real strange and strong cravings for special food.

This resulted in Sward getting up to buy everything, Lin and I preparing everything for a cozy evening on the couch and a really great night. Alcohol has a let's call it stimulating effect on me and I just wanted to be with both of them at the end of the evening. I have never acted on such a longing up to now, because I didn't wanted to hurt anybodies feelings. I believed it to be too early to ask for some time with Lin while I should spend the night with Sward because it was 'his turn'.

Well, I was wrong I got a bit emotional when we had to part (meaning: leaving Lin behind on the sofa to go to bed with Sward). They both noticed, Lin told me that it was OK for him and send me off to Sward. After Sward and I had some time together he asked if I would like to go to Lin. Telling me that he didn't mind half as much as I assumed he would, that quite the opposite would be the case because it would kind of turn him on a bit. I was hesitant at first, I felt really greedy. And I didn't know how Lin would react on being 'the second man' that night. I read about some men who are really stingy about this special point and I feared that he was leaning towards that direction.

As always, I worried in vain ^_^' Lin and I spend a passionate hour together and I went back to the bedroom to cuddle up with Sward again. I still don't know how to precisely phrase the urge I got that night. It wasn't that much about sex, it was more a desire to connect with both. I plainly needed to express my feelings and I feel so relieved to have been able to do so. I am not religious, but the best word to describe what I feel at the moment seems to be: bliss.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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