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"However, the Christian bible technically doesn't restrict polyamorous relationships either....."

Thanks for that, exactly my thoughts. In the way I was taught & from what I have read (growing up a Christian) the most important things the Bible addresses & Jesus addresses over & over is to love thy neighbor as yourself & treat the poor with kindness. I have no qualms with those ideas.
Bigotry is not welcome in my house.

I do believe in several whimsical/spiritual things mainly because in order to view the world in such a practical way, some spiritual is in demand to fill in the gaps, motivate me to live, motivate me to be nice to people, and for things to make any sense at all. For example, I believe I am an old soul, or maybe two souls in my body... perhaps I have had past lives, but I don't remember details, although sometimes I have feelings of deja vu. Sometimes I meditate. I was brought up in a Christian home, however the most spiritual deity I honor currently is 'the wind goddess'. Which, as she is fairly sporadic, my honoring of her is also at random moments in which I am walking to the car & feel the wind in my hair, or kayaking with the wind at my back urging me forward, or when I need a snarky reply to someone trying to convert me. Those moments inspire me, empower me, & make me smile. I believe for every yin there is a yang, in Karma, and in omens, but it's kinda something I take for granted, such as, "I'm a good person, thats why my life doesnt suck"... or "oh cool! I found a feather". One thing I think is imperitive is that I treat the poor & less fortunate with kindness & support. But a sociopath won't fool me. I take everything in life with a grain of salt, and a lemon too. I think that people are always growing, and that that IS the way to live. I believe moderation is best. My philosophy of life also includes the idea of polyamory. I believe that effort is rewarded even if you get a different reward than expected.

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