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Originally Posted by beginninglove View Post
As an aside, this morning when Alex was feeling testy about me making requests to spend more time with Sam, she said she thinks I might be a "sex and love addict".
Others have already commented one possibility: that she's wrong and wants to make you feel bad (unconsciously or consciously). There's another option though: that you are (or she thinks you're) a NRE addict and she's trying to point that out. Or maybe not an addict, but that you're letting NRE cloud your judgement.

I don't know if there is truth to that, but this makes me feel that there might be
Originally Posted by beginninglove View Post
Here's another aspect of what is coming up for me... I have been seeing Sam and having this really mind-blowing sex, and often I tell Alex beforehand "I won't see Sam for such-and-such amount of time after this" but then I find it REALLY hard to stick to that. Am I being selfish and just need to suck it up and not see Sam for the period of time I said I wouldn't?? Or is it fair for me to say, wow, I thought I could go that long without seeing her but I really want to see her again sooner.
I agree with the comments others made about your way of communication here. But I wonder if you're really just making unrealistic promises and want to see Sam, or if NRE makes you feel you'd like to spend every waking moment with her, and Alex is worried that's what you'd do if she gives up the control.

How long do you promise to spend apart and how much time would you like to spend with Sam? Are you keeping a clear head with the NRE (i.e. evaluating whether how you want to act is reasonable towards everybody), or do you think your every feeling is justified and you should follow it? If NRE was making you feel like you want to spend pretty much all your free time with Sam (and she was available), would you stop yourself and take Alex into consideration?

I'm not saying you're being inconsiderate in NRE: I don't know what's going on. I'm just saying you may be, and that maybe you should consider that option, too.
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