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Namaste! So nice to be here

I have been in poly relationships since I was 15 and I have always been super happy, confident and open about those relationships with everyone. I'm now in a marriage with my husband, and have a poly partner, who has been in the closet poly. He has never been in an open poly relationship so e always cheated. He had a girlfriend when we met, and fell in love with my husband and I. He now has learned about poly and sees that there are other types of deep spiritual relationships outside of the "norm" that dont have to involve limitations of monogamy. However he still has a "non-poly" girlfriend who is in the dark about what has been going on. She was going to be moving away but now is staying and so now I'm in the place of feeling uncomfortable that there is darkness in what was going to be moving in to he light very soon. By no means do I want him to end it with her, I just want him to be honest with her. He feels it would make things hard for her. I have never been in a poly relationship where there wasnt openess and honesty so this perplexes me. The three of us are pregnant I might add. I'm not a controlling type person either, and am not looking to force his hand, nor am I a pushover. I believe in the divine unfolding of things but lying does not resonate wih me. I have been honest about my relationship and pregnancy wih most of my friends but there is a small group of mutual friends that I have to lie to at this point. I would like some feedback if anyone has the time <3

In love and light
Without reading My Apologies all Replies.....I'd have to just say bottom line is........Control is not yours......over others! Only you telling how you feel and being ok with your partner/husband/gf/bf/just friend......considering your feelings at there discretion. If signs are being shown that make you feel one way or another then..........YOU must Decide for YOURSELF if you want to be involved in Their lives after SEEING behaviors that cause YOU to have internal just Split the words TERM - oil = Not mixing

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