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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Its the closest thing we have to English mustard.... Apparently.. according to my mum. Its a good way to use up beer that got opened the night before and didn't get drank! Yum,,,, I think I will make cheese toast now.

Of course then there is Marmite. I will add marmite to the cheese toast. Nothing divides the world like the like/dislike debate around marmite. *poke* Its like the mono vs. poly debate! Ha! not really
Originally Posted by UnderMind View Post
Heh! At least there is debate about mono vs. poly. There's no debate about Marmite vs. no Marmite -- just love or hate
I disagree, I think Marmite is just ok... =P You don't just love or hate anything. There will always be someone who doesn't mind either way. I haven't had it since I was a kid though. Might have to pick some up again at some point.

and redpepper, as far as I know, English mustard is just a style of mustard. I'm sure you can find some in a shop somewhere. Probably not the original Colman's though. Pure English, English mustard. =P Or you could even try make your own?
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