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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
For the love of all that is holy, what the hell is this?! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

I NEVER told Violet to take her promise/engagement ring off. Were we to wed prior to a trong third entering our relationship, I would NOT ask her to remove her wedding ring.

There was a hypothetical discussion about what we would do IN A YEAR when our planned wedding date approaches if things with Anne have progressed. I stated that at that time, should it come, I would prefer a ring for all three of us. I have no idea where the rest of this is coming from.

There was a point in the discussion where I said that in MY OPINION, a long-term triad established either before or after a marriage would have a symbol of the triad. I said that it may or may not be an addition to or a replacement for any existing symbols. I thought I was pretty clear that this would depend on how everyone involved felt; i was asked my opinion on this hypothetical and I gave it.

As for the other examples my dear Vi gave - sweetie, what is going on, lol? A lot has happened since that talk, but all that aside - where did the concept of equality become equated with giving up "sweet little things" or forcing participation in such? Babies? What the...
If I may-I think what happened is that a potentially non-eventful conversation may have been had at a time when V just wasn't emotionally "on top of her game" and fears and concerns ensued.

I had a weekend like that this weekend. Almost COMPLETELY driven by hormones (sorry I know we women!). Fortunately I was able to start the weekend with "wow Maca I'm really feeling moody and emotional and need some TLC" and he was on the ball realizing that the weekend was likely to revolve around reassuring me.

It's Monday and I feel like my moodiness actually drove us to even closer moments and understandings.

No harm-now you two can clarify meaning and reach a better understanding of needs/desires/wants etc!
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