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I thought I would expand on this question....

6. Why pursue polyamory despite it being relatively stigmatized in our society?

There are lots of benefits even if you don't even factor in the love, although it could be argued that other people & roles in a person's life could offer to fullfill some of these things (ie: friendship, family). However, in our country, we see a trend for people to have less close friends & less interaction with family members. Being in an intimate relationship creates a situation where someone is invested in your well-being, as you are theirs.

-cooperation to achieve goals
-Knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, logical outside perspective, understanding inside perspective, counseling, friendship, built-in support system, attention, affection effort/energy.
-Emotional stability: Companionship, Love, Intimacy, Fun experiences.
-Financial stability: shared resources, support, less working required.
-Assistance with child rearing.
-sex, variety, availibility, flexibility in schedule & in bed

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