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A small word of warning. You may not be willing to pay any price to be with this man. Maybe poly is not for you or there is some other deal breaker. You seem to be in a good situation but tuck away that some prices should not be paid to maintain a relationship.
I'm scared I'm going to have to leave him because I can't do it anymore. Which doesn't make sense and isn't fair on anyone. I could be wrong about everything and the fact that this is my first relationship and thus have never been monogamous with anyone means I have no point of reference to compare things to. It's unbelievably difficult when all your ideas about what a relationship is about are suddenly torn away. Whilst i agree with the principles of polyamory in theory I'm starting to think its not for me I'm not strong enough. I admire those of you who are able to "face your fears and do it anyway".
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