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First, I sort of jumped into things. My new gf had one FWB, and on the first or second date, she told me about him. She assured me they were FWB and she was looking for something more serious. So I accepted that. She also agreed to me having an FWB, since she is 2 hours away, and not only did she agree, but she was delighted.

We have excellent communication and we are the primary couple. If she determines another man is a decent guy, I'm fine if she goes to see him and I'm not there. I'm excited and giddy, all at once. On one trip to see her new FWB, I even sent her an email:
"You two kids have fun! Sharing is caring."

She has also said she would be excited to see me with another woman. I think it's something special that we want to share with one another, and that brings us closer.

There were times when she was unsure of us (because I lack drama, which her other relationships had plenty of), and I just reassured her that I still love her, and the lack of drama is how it's supposed to be.

Anytime we get nervous about our FWBs, we recognize these are ripples from negative events in our past, and these feelings have nothing to do with how we feel for each other. We recognize we are very compatible on many levels, and we just plain are very attracted to each other, and we get along great. Anytime this happens we talk to each other about it as soon as possible, try to figure out the root problem/misunderstanding, and address it.

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