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Originally Posted by bulrush View Post
Oh, that's too bad. Me and my gf are looking for a person or couple to be in a caring friendship with more. I think you are looking for the same thing. I feel for you.

I've been on Okcupid since 2006, only found one person that listed polyamory in their profile.

I don't want things to be shallow and just sexual, I want that relationship, that connection too. So to say I want a FWB, I think, misses the point. I want more than FWB.
WOW, since 2006? Ouch! That does not sound promising. Might as well not even try here since we will be leaving this city in at most 2 years. For those 5 years has your girlfriend been involved with others and you not? Or are you both waiting until you find the right couple?

I agree about Okcupid, on my profile I only say outright that I'm looking for friends but if you look at my questions it is easy to see I'm poly. One note about okcupid that I don't like. For all questions related to "open relationships" I have said mandatory to, yet okcupid continually suggests with very high match percentages people who have clearly marked those questions as unacceptable. What the heck is up with that? LoL, it's very annoying.
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