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That makes a lot sense about the phases about Bi-ness. I go through so many other phases so why not this one? (Like my art, first writing then drawing then nothing than crafts then reading, repeat, go out of order etc).

As for the really open Poly...ideal? I guess would be the word. Both of us aren't really...considering that...yet. He is adamant about although adding another person we neither one could handle being devoted to more than that, and I can see that easily. This is such a recent revelation to our relationship though I donno how its going to end up, but I am excited to find out. There seems to be a lot of things recently we have been reveling to each other (or discovering together) that I feel like there's a bit that needs to settle before I can really start making good ideas about where things are going to go.

The only issue I see is that we DO have some issues both as people and the relationship that need worked on. We are both extremely paranoid people at times. But then again I do want to see him happy, I want to see him with more friends at the least.

I think we have NRE with the idea of a triad and that kinda scares me a bit, idk how solid it's going to end up.
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