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Originally Posted by Moonmama View Post
I find many of the ways people treat children to be demeaning, inlcuding the routine use of diapers without offering the child opportunities to use the potty right from birth. Again, a different view than many others, but it doesnt make it right or wrong, just different.
demeaning? Ya, I can see that kinda. If I think of it in terms of adult fetishes... sorry, that is totally taking it in another direction

Unfortunately not all of us are in a position to have alternatives. I have a friend that lives on a beach on one of the islands on the West coast of Canada. She told me that her kids never had a need for diapers and that she potty trained them from birth. It turned out that she really hadn't taught them to sit on a toilet to poo, but just wiped it off of their legs when they were done. Meh... each to their own. I live in a city and decided that the best course of action was to make my own diapers and hang them on our line to dry. The only line in the neighborhood it turned out. I eventually perfected the design and sold them at local stores. Now there are lots of places on line to get hand made diapers. Then there were none. I was quite proud of those things. I should of kept one to remind myself of those days.
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